Crown Tincture 2 oz.
Crown Tincture - Lotus Love Apothecary

Crown Tincture 2 oz.

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The Crown chakra is responsible for connecting us to universal energy, wisdom and enlightenment. Crown imbalances present as feeling spiritually disconnected, lack of purpose, depression, nervous system disorders and mental illness. Use our Crown Tincture to restore balance to your mind, body and spirit and reach your greatest potential. Made with Lavender for improving sleep, reducing blood pressure, relieving headache and an anti-inflammatory. Calendula for supporting the nervous system, benefiting skin, anti inflammatory and antioxidant. Blue Lotus for feelings of euphoria, boosting immunity, enhancing meditation, assisting lucid dreaming and an aphrodisiac. Do not use if you are diabetic.

Ingredients: Spring water, Brandy, Organic vegetable glycerin, Lavender, Calendula, Blue Lotus. 

Directions for use: For the best tasting experience, add 1-2 droppers full to your favorite beverage or water to enhance the flavor and provide medicinal benefits. Can be taken up to 3 times a day.

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